Nico van Noordenne (Hardinxveld-Giessendam);

a phenomenon in homing pigeons

For many years now Nico van Noordenne from South-Holland emphatically prints his mark on the National one day races. With passion as the highest good, he promotes his formidable strain of pigeons to the status of unbeatable in the strongest competition on an almost weekly base. Nico is the personification of the absolute top of Dutch pigeon racing, grandmaster in sensational victories against massive birdages … winning 1st prizes is the highest goal in his hometown Hardinxveld-Giessendam!!

The name Van Noordenne is similar to over 20 years of National glory. With the legendary and heroic victory on the leaden Barcelona in 1987 as overture of the long career with top successes. And in the 21st century again the great fame continued, winning a/o the following appealing titles:

In the intermediate years many, many victories were won in biggest competition and many prestigious titles were won such as:

Every year again sensational victories are grabbed by Nico van Noordenne, most of them at National level. He is a fancier that does not cry out loud about his successes; even still Nico earned a steady place amongst the greatest ever in Dutch pigeon racing. At this website you can read all about the modest man that grew out to become a phenomenon in homing pigeons.